About RKGraphix Design Group

RKGraphix Design Group was founded by Robert K. Gerstel Jr in the summer of 2008. Located in Harrison City, PA, RKGraphix Design Group is the parent company that oversees a diverse portfolio of online business ventures; ranging from single page web sites for individuals on Facebook and Twitter to multi page corporate and small buisness sites. The company is overseen by Bob along with a senior management team on select projects.

From origins as a small photography and web design website, the company has developed into a multifaceted, media rich, organization. Presently, RKGraphix Design Group produces a wide range of products and services like photography prints, artwork, reviews and analysis, maps, and other assorted merchandise. You can learn more about the individual sites we manage by visiting the Our Websites page. Like most small businesses, at the heart of our business is our own passion for the services we provide. As diverse as the projects are, they are more than just a job - they are our life. Quality of products and services, along with customer satisfaction, are extremely important to us.

For the last ten years our clients have included Fortune 500 corporations, various small businesses throughout the United States, as well as individuals and home users world-wide.

RKGraphix Design Group is best known for its Wedding Video ond Photography sites:

  • Soxman Videography
  • Klydecat Creations
  • LookingForA
  • Photoshop Ace Certification

Meet the Owner

An avid amature photographer and graphic designer, Bob enjoys study on many aspects of design and typography, especially HDR photography which has recently become all the rage, web design, landscape photography and stamp collecting. Bob services as the President of the Organization and oversees the company's web-related material, photography, advertising, web store, and performs map layout and GIS analysis on the companies books and digital media. Bob, 52, holds the Adobe A.C.E. certification for Photoshop and is currently working on his certification for the entire creative suite.

Links to Our Services

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